Conserving Canada’s Wetlands

Don't like the pressure of a live auction? With a sealed bid auction, no one else can see your bid. You simply offer a bid that you think no one will beat and if your bid is the highest once the bidding closes, then you will be sold the print at that price. 

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Remuda Legacy Edition by Lesley White
Partners For Life by John Zacharias
Down Time by Adam Smith

Territory (AOY) by Joseph Koensgen
Untold Stories by Kevin Johnson
Morning Mist by Luke Raffin

Amigo by Shannon Lawlor
Trotting to Water by Terry Isaac
The Huntsman by Adam Smith

Gatekeeper by Ron Plaizier
Head Above Water by Jodie Dansereau
Facing the Giant by Denis Mayer Jr

Morning Row by Deborah Czernecky
Resounding Red by Daniel Smith
Bathing Bear by Valerie Rogers

Auction will close daily (Monday - Friday) at 12 p.m. (CST).
Auction will remain open on statutory holidays closing the next business day. 
The successful bidder agrees to pay their bid amount. 
All sales are subject to a shipping and handling charge of $24.95 per print, 5% GST and any applicable provincial sales or HST taxes.

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