Conserving Canada’s Wetlands

Head Above Water by Jodie Dansereau

Born on Canada’s west coast of Vancouver, British Columbia, and primarily raised on the prairies of Calgary Alberta, Jodie Dansereau was introduced to a wide variety of Canadian wildlife. From a very early age, Dansereau, would depict her encounters using pencil on paper. Later, on her 12th birthday and after receiving an oil painting set, she would start to depict her natural encounters using oil on canvas. 

Dansereau has donated many of her limited-edition art reproductions to organizations such as Ducks Unlimited Canada, Trout Unlimited, Operation Burrowing Owl and the Alberta Wilderness Association.

Conservation of wildlife and the natural environment have always been of great concern for Dansereau, and continues to inspire and motivate her in her work.

The inspiration behind Head Above Water came from reading an article about a polar bear and her cub that had swam for around 22 hours searching for ice flows. As I read the article, in my mind’s eye, I brought myself down to the polar bear’s level, imaging the look of desperation, struggle and fear on her face. I wanted to capture this look, the fear and desperation. As it turned out, the cub had perished. As for the fate of Head Above Water, I leave that up to the viewer. It is up to us to either preserve or neglect our environment.

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