Conserving Canada’s Wetlands

The Huntsman by Adam Smith

Born in Edina, Minnesota and raised in Bozeman, Montana, Smith has spent 33 years surrounded by the incredible wonders of western wildlife and has mastered the art of its accurate rendering.  Smith studies nature with the acute eye of a scientist, yet recreates it with the gingerly hands of a painter.  He is no stranger to fine art as he is the son of famous wildlife artist, Daniel Smith.  Yet, make no mistake, this young artist sets himself apart from the competition and has already garnered much success in the art world.  An avid traveler and cross-country explorer, Smith finds inspiration from trips he and his father have taken to Africa, Alaska, Utah, and dozens of national parks in between.

Artist Statement: Winters can be harsh for many animals, but these predators flourish.  They have incredible stamina and power.  Watching them work together as a unit is fascinating.  In the pack, each wolf has a job and it must be done in order to have a successful hunt. 

 print size 30" x 16" Framed image 29.25 x 43

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