Conserving Canada’s Wetlands

Trotting to Water by Terry Isaac

Internationally acclaimed wildlife artist Terry Isaac draws inspiration from his own backyard and from the captivating vistas of the Northwest, where he began to create dramatic wildlife art. A professional artist for almost 30 years, Terry’s realistic wildlife art is known for his attention to detail and the magical moments created by the dramatic light nature provides.  Terry lives in Penticton, British Columbia, Canada and continues to create paintings capturing unique characteristics of wildlife and their habitat. Terry travels around the world to capture exciting images, but his main painting focus continues to be on North American birds and mammals.  Since the mid 1980s, he has created realistic wildlife art with a focus on particularity and dramatic light.

Artist Statement: Horses are one of my favourite subjects to paint. These particular horses are wild and live in the Penticton, B.C. area. I tried to capture the feeling of dust and heat as they form a line – heading for a cool drink.

Image size 26.5" x 14.5"
Framed dimensions: 37" x 25"

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