Conserving Canada’s Wetlands

Gatekeeper by Ron Plaizier

Born and raised in rural Quebec, Ron Plaizier grew up in the Chateauguay Valley on the south shore of the St. Lawrence River in rural Quebec. His mother, Rita, was a local artisan, well known for her work in soap stone carving, needlework and egg etchings. Ron now lives in Ontario and enjoys the outdoors, canoeing and kayaking with his family which has helped him develop a keen sense of observation and appreciation for the natural world surrounding us.

Relying on light, colour and composition found throughout nature, Ron creates realistic wildlife art with attention to detail. He is inspired by small song and shore birds as well as large birds of prey. His personal connection with the subjects he paints and his passion for nature is reflected in his artwork.

Artist Statement: The inspiration behind this composition was to illustrate the connection and the delicate balance between wildlife and human development and the important role we play in conservation.

 print size 24" x 17.25"

Framed dimensions 30.5" x 37"

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