Conserving Canada’s Wetlands

Don't like the pressure of a live auction? With a sealed bid auction, no one else can see your bid. You simply offer a bid that you think no one will beat and if your bid is the highest once the bidding closes, then you will be sold the print at that price.

The theme this auction is Horses & Dogs!

Successful bidders will be contacted by email (please ensure we have an accurate email address) and/or by telephone. Money raised from print sales help save Canada’s marshes and ponds by supporting our vital conservation work.

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Outnumbered and Surrounded by John Aldrich
Remuda by Lesley White

'Paws for a Moment' by Maurade Baynton
'An Honest Day's Work' by Adeline Halvorson

Marsh Masters by J Killen
Watching You - Adeline Halvorson

Oakley's First Swim by Kelly McNeil
'Mutual' by Adeline Halvorson