Conserving Canada’s Wetlands

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'Evening Refuge' by Cynthie Fisher
Marsh Masters by J Killen

Surprise Approach by Ralph McDonald
'Summer Cabin Retreat' by Fred Buchwitz

By The Gate
A Touch of Warmth

'Days Gone By' by Glen C. Scrimshaw
'Coming Home' by Phillip Crowe

'Guzzlers and Gobblers'
Down Time by Adam Smith

'Afternoon Pintails' by Richard Clifton
'Helping Hand' by John Zacharias

'Patience is Rewarding' by Dennis Mayer Jr.
'Springtime Afterglow' by Joseph Koensgen

'Quiet Anticipation' by Mike Smith - 2015 Artist of the Year
Spirit Dancer Equine - Doug Comeau

Spirit Drifter Tortoise - Doug Comeau
Night Stalker Tree Frog- Doug Comeau

'Tranquility' by Robert Bateman - 75th Anniversary Edition (AOY)
George River Caribou by Robert Bateman